We arrived home safely Friday / Saturday night about 100am after , truly, a trip of a lifetime.

Resat did an amazing job getting us into the Airport with safety and vigilance, and, streamlined the process so well. I was very impressed with the amount of high Security at the Istanbul airport…

 Your Company turned, what could have been a difficult trip, into our most memorable and favorite Family trip ever! It had all the right ingredients, a beautiful Country, phenomenally well-organized details by your Company, charming, knowledgeable Guides and drivers, great variety and quality of hotels, and. most of all, caring, intelligent, global professionals looking after us 24/7.

 The top highlight was our Dinner with you in your home village at your   fabulous Fish Restaurant / Club you so nicely hosted for us. The food and conversation were just wonderful, a special treat for us.. Henry loved the stories and meeting the Grand ma of Turkey, so far, only One Coca Cola!  It is great for him to see the friendships and bonds that can be formed in life through Work and Global adversity….

 There are no words to sufficiently thank you for all the generosity of services and travel memories!

 All three of us want to return to see our Turkish friends and to see more of your beautiful Country…

 Love to Eren, Resat, Jim and Eti,

 All Best,

 Wendy M. / 25. JULY.2016



Thank you again for such an amazing stay. Visiting with Nurdan was like being with family, such a nice feeling when you’re so far from home. I loved touring Istanbul and Ephesus, meeting your incredible guides and friends throughout both cities, and hope one day to return with my children.

Thank you again. I hope our paths cross soon!

 With much love,

Elaine S.  /10 JAN 2016



 I wanted to thank you for all of your organization's wonderful service in our family trip to Turkey beginning July 18 in Istanbul and ending July 26 in Bodrum.  The trip fulfilled all of our expectations and introduced our granddaughters to both historic and modern Turkey.  We particularly appreciate the knowledge and skills of Dalim.  We have traveled with him before, and his knowledge of the history and archeology of the Turkish sites is amazing, and his dedication to your client’s interests is unparalleled. 


Thank you so much again for a great trip.

 Michael A. T. / 20 AUG 2015





Thank you for taking care of these clients, here are their comments:

 “All of your meticulous arrangements worked beautifully!  Everyone met us on-time at the airport and tours with big smiles and could not have been more professional! Business Class on Turkish Air was simply magnificent.....with brand new planes on every leg of the trip....and superb service! Every single transfer and tour went PERFECTLY and without a hitch.  Plus, the Four Seasons hotel in Istanbul was spectacular in every way! Our Istanbul tour guide was a TRUE professional too. Excellent choice of a travel partner in Istanbul.  Our private mini-bus was elegant.....and his lunch choices....perfect!  The  boat cruise was PERFECT! In fact, the weather even contributed significantly.  We had absolutely terrific weather each and every day!  Just the absolute ideal time to visit Istanbul and the other countries.  Very cool in the morning with bright sunshine warming up the afternoon but definitely not hot.....especially in the shade.  Just clear skies each and every day of our trip.”


Thank you very much for all you do for us and our clients!



Jean C. / 20 MAY 2015



Our adventure started in Istanbul & I want to thank you for your kind phone call while we were transferring from the airport to the Swissotel. Your personal touch makes such a difference! And the service you provided was much appreciated…how nice to be greeted by a smiling face & knowledgeable agent who assisted us with arrival procedures.

While waiting for our luggage the driver appeared & handled everything from then on. If you recall, it was a busy & raining evening with some traffic delays but the driver was very competent & maneuvered us comfortably to our hotel.

Here’s to our continued relationship!

 Thank you again,

 Deborah W. / 26 APRIL 2014




 For always making me look so good to my clients!

 “We had a great time in Istanbul!  The tour that you put together was fabulous!  Our guide and driver were both fantastic as was the Bosphorus cruise.  Amazingly enough the Hagia Sophia was almost empty while we were there so we were really able to explore it completely.  And the Spice Market is always fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed them all!

This is one of the primary reasons that we enjoy working with you so much.  You have a great network of tour guides and we have been pleased each and every time we book a tour.”


Thank you again for being such a GREAT partner

Leslie F. / 14 DEC 2015



Wow. What a wonderful time we have had with our friends in your country!

Even at this early hour our group are still effusive in their praise for your team. Levent is a rock star, from navigating the spice market to unpacking geopolitical questions. And the details and special touches were too many to mention (like your young guide this morning getting us checked in. Such a stress reducer at this sleepy hour, helping us depart w fond memories and not bad airport ones).


You have been so generous with all the gifts! Treating our splurge at the spice market, the beautiful  coffee service and dinner with Nurdan all make us feel so very loved and special.


Thank you for making this trip so special for my friends. Thank you for all the special touches. Thank you for all the years of caring for our clients and team.


Much love,


Troy. C. / 12 OCT 2015



Thank You again for being so gracious to my son and his family and for the wonderful tours which your company planned. They thought that you were one of the loveliest; interesting women that they had ever met (and of course I agreed as it is so true) Also the highlight of their European trip was the two days in Turkey.  They will return I know.

Many hugs to you,

Bonnie H. / 16 OCT 2016



I wanted to write and tell you what excellent service United Travel Services provided me last week.  I had booked two clients for 3 days of private shore excursions while they were in Turkey.  Come to find out the cruise line had changed the itinerary of which I was not aware.  I get a call from the client with these changes and I immediately phone Eren at UTS on his “after hours” phone line and within 15 minutes he was able to find a guide to accommodate my clients on this new arrival date which was less than 12 hours from the time of the call.  Needless to say I was very panicked but beyond relieved to know that UTS has resolved the problem.  Eren was also able to switch the other two days in Istanbul for my clients as well. 


I can’t say enough good things about UTS having personally used your services while in Turkey in 2013 and for many other clients but this was the icing on the cake as they were able to pull off a last minute change such as this.  I greatly appreciate your efforts and professionalism and I wanted to share this with you.


Amy P. / 03 MAY 2015



I wanted to thank you for your hospitality during our short stay in Istanbul April 6-8. It was wonderful to meet you and we appreciate the gifts and lunch that you provided.

Dalim was an excellent guide and we learned so much during our two days of sightseeing. Cem was also an excellent driver with a very warm and friendly demeanor. We felt very safe throughout our stay and have nothing but great things to say about our experience and have been promoting Istanbul to all of our friends and family.


We will surely look back at this experience with fond memories which will last a lifetime.

Thank you again,

 Daniela M. / 29 APR 2016




 First of all.....I want to thank you for being YOU.....you were so wonderful to Ben and myself while we were in Turkey.  In Kusadasi we loved our guide Eti.....she explained Ephesus to us in a way that made us feel we were there experiencing this wonderful archeological site the way it was in the ancient days.

And of course in Istanbul...our guide  Mr.Gokhan (Khan) was super as well.  I was sorry we could not enter the Blue Mosque....but the lines were so long....we would have missed every other experience we had.  What I liked particularly about both guides....was....they made us feel like friends and so we were so very comfortable being with them both.  After we had left the Spice bazaar, where I could have remained for hours. I was able to video ( still don't know how I did it)  the sounds of the praying at the Mosques.....& so I have that on my phone to listen to when I want to remember.

And as for our time with you...starting with the wonderful cruise on the Bosphorus that you had so generously arranged for us.....which exposed us to all of the gorgeous homes along the waterfront and the true beauty of Istanbul. And then.....finally meeting you Nurdan.....You are exactly how I pictured you....a warm loving very very unique special lady.

We loved the dinner, the restaurant & just being with you.  I love my pashmina & Ben loved his gift as well.

The Shangri La was a lovely hotel, and we so enjoyed our one night there.

All of the services that UTS  provided were exceptional....everyone was on time & I must tell you....it was a complete surprise to have that lovely young man escort us along with the driver to the airport.  I have a feeling that if he did not take complete charge and get us to the Delta ticket counter (it was such a busy day) that we might still be in Istanbul.....


Thank you again for everything


Much love

Bob E. / 22 AUG 2015




I wanted to thank you for having Eti host our shore excursion on Oct. 6, 2015.  What an enthusiastic, knowledgeable person!  I also wanted to thank you for the beautiful items you sent me, the scarf, trivets, business card holder, and the “nazar” which we will hang in our home to ward off the evil spirits.  It has always been a pleasure working with UTS. 


Warm regards,

 Linda M. 20 OCT 2015