First and foremost, you are our family members more than our guests and we will be taking care of you with each detail in accordance with the “Understanding of Turkish Hospitality”. UTS – Turkey, one of the best DMC’s of Turkey, has strong connections with the local law enforcement and the Consulates of many countries to monitor any possible events of concern, we are always proactive in this regard as the security of our guests is our main priority.

As we have been in the Turkey’s Tourism Industry for over 30 years, this experience and trust in the sector enhanced our connections throughout Turkey. Since the quality of any aspects of this sector such as hotels, restaurants, sites & villages to be visited, are carefully selected and recommended to our guests’ service after a detailed Health & Safety Evaluation process, you would know that you are thoroughly sure that you will be in good hands. 

UTS – Turkey has its own dedicated guides for over 10 years and all guides are subject to a training program based on the changes in the clients’ preferences. They are fully flexible throughout your tours and events and you can see them as your companion while you are in Turkey. We do also have our own fleet of vehicles and all our personnel have been working with us at least 5 years. Therefore, you would always know that you will be with UTS – Turkey at every moment of your stay without any concern.