Dikili/ Izmir Shore Excursion

UTS - Turkey's dedicated guide will meet you at the exit of the customs of Dikili/ Izmir Port at 9 am and you will be transferred to Pergamum (Bergama) (approx. 30 min driving).

Visit PERGAMUM (Capital city of the Hellenistic Kingdom) featuring visits to the majestic Acropol and Asclepion- the Sanctuary of Athena, the Library of Pergamum, that contained 200.000 volumes, given to Cleopatra by Mark Anthony, as a wedding present to be added to her collection in the Alexandria Library – continue to visit the Temple of Trojan (built by the worshipped Emperor Hadrian for Emperor Trojan before him), famous Theater (the steepest raked Hellenistic Theater in the World), the Zeus Altar, (known to be the finest altar ever built).

At the end of the tour, you will be transferred back to your cruise ship by 5 pm.

To book this tour, please contact UTS – Turkey Team

Best Season: 12 Months
Along: 1 Day