On arrival, UTS Representative will meet you at the gate of the plane (with a sign reading your names) and you will be assisted for passport formalities and escorted through the customs. There will be no lines except for the luggage. 

And at the exit gate of the customs, United Travel’s officially licensed English speaking lecturer/guide will meet you and you will be driven to the Rumeli Hisarı built in the 15th century and continue to Sade Kahve where you will have a delicious Turkish breakfast- Istanbul way! Sade Kahve is an extremely in-demand place for one-of-a-kind traditional Turkish breakfast, especially on the weekends. It is a very local place with a great view of the Bosphorus and it is one of the most preferred places by the locals to have breakfast. Sade Kahve serves its clients best samples of the traditional Turkish breakfast. Although not a too fancy place, the Sade Kahve breads -off the oven and fresh- exceeds all of the baked goods of the elite patisseries of Istanbul!

After breakfast, you will be transferred to the Old Town for the visits to the Roman Hippodrome & Blue Mosque- the masterpiece of 17th century Ottoman Architecture, famous for its unique handmade original Iznik Tiles impressing the guests with their rich dominant blue colors and oriental patterns. They have become collectors’ items today, auctioned at celebrated houses like the Sotheby’s.

The last visit will be to the Spice Market- for a “true taste” of culture mosaics in Istanbul! Originally devoted to spices and herbs, it now sells a great variety of goods in 88 vaulted rooms. You enter from a large city square and see before you a lengthy, tunnel-like building with 19 stalls on each side. At the end, the 'tunnel' turns left 90 degrees where an even longer building stretches away, containing the other 50 stalls.

At the end of the tour, you will be transferred to the Istanbul International Airport to take your flight departing not before 1 pm.

To book this tour, please contact UTS – Turkey Team

Best Season: 12 Months