ISTANBUL is one the most beautiful cities in the World with  its historical and cultural heritage. While you enjoy  the Sightseeing tours within the historical atmosphere of the Old Town of Istanbul, you will find the opportunity to meet the ultural mosaics of Istanbul with the colorful people around the World. The beauty of the city  surprises you at each moment and breath with warm Turkish Hospitality. Live, feel and taste the local charm of Istanbul during your visits to the world famous highlights of this “Legendary city“ while shopping in the Old Bazaars & Chick Boutiques at cozy neighborhoods followed by possible Joys of Wining and Dining with the Exotic Night Life of Istanbul.


The World famous HAGIA SOPHIA which is one of the most extraordinary constructions in the history of  architecture, has an awesome building inspired countless generations by its colossal definition of what the ideal interior space in a domed basilica should be and with its innovations in weight-support and construction techniques.

The 6th century UNDERGROUND CISTERN- perhaps the most unusual structurein Istanbul- exhibits the engineering marvels that solved water supplyproblems. Originally, Constantine built this vast underground space in theearly-4C as the water reservoir for the Imperial Palace, and it was laterenlarged under Justinian in 532.

The BLUE MOSQUE as the masterpiece of 17th centuryOttoman Architecture is famous for its unique handmade original Iznik Tilesimpressing the guests with their rich dominant blue colors and orientalpatterns. They have become collectors’ items today, auctioned at celebratedhouses like the Sotheby’s.

which was the center of Ottoman government and the court, theTurks ruled most of Europe and the Middle East from here. Covering the primeproperty on the peninsula, the court-defined grounds of the Palace express inthe architectural sense the Ottoman ideal of the perfect life balanced betweenits formative components. Explore the HaremSection, breath-taking grounds, domes, porticos, terraces and great hallsof the Palace, marvel at its exhibits of costumes, Chinaware, jewels andmanuscripts, gaze at its marble and tile covered walls, royal chambers andgardens of tulips and roses,  its views of the Sea, the Bosphorus and theGolden Horn.