At 6 am, you will be met by UTS Representative at the lobby of your hotel for your transfer service to the Istanbul Airport to take Turkish Airlines flight to Urfa (ETD 07:20 / ETA 09:10).

You will then be driven The Cave of Abraham; (today’s pilgrimage and worshipping place),according to the local legend, it was here that Abraham was born, spending the first ten years of his life hiding, because a local Assyrian tyrant Nemrut, had the decreed that all new born children be killed.

Halil – ür Rahman Complex; in accordance with traditions this is a holly place, housing a mosque and two pools filled with sacred carps which is the one that saved Abraham from a fiery end. 

You will have a lunch (at your own cost) at a local restaurant (your guide will recommend couple of restaurants for you to choose).


After lunch, you will visit Göbekli  Tepe, an incredibly important site inhabited 12,000 years ago. The site contains the oldest known place of worship in the world, predating Stonehenge by 7,000 years. It consists of a number of concentric circles with great stone slabs carved with animals and plants. Before Göbekli Tepe was excavated, archaeologists could not even conceive that a site as old and extensive as this could ever have existed. It had always been assumed that agriculture and agricultural settlements came first, followed later by construction of temples and worship sites. Here, we have a religious site that predates the Agricultural Revolution, forcing a rethinking the nature of life in hunter-gatherer and pre-agrarian societies.

At the end of the tour you will be transferred to Sanliurfa Airport to take your flight to Istanbul (ETD 1945 ETA 2155). Upon arrival you will be transferred to your hotel.

To book this tour, please contact UTS – Turkey Team

Best Season: APRIL - OCTOBER
Along: 1 Day