UTS-Nurdan’s United Travel Services-Turkey’s bilingual expert guide will assist you throughout the day to start your experience by exploring Europe and Asia in one day, today.


You will enjoy the relaxing luxury of your private boat cruise along the Bosphorus, the water strait between the two Continents, against the majestic skyline of Istanbul, as you sip your shilled wine served with fresh fruits.


You will pass by picturesque  fishing villages, historical summer palaces of Ottomans’ Lady Sultans and private wooden villas (Yalis) of famous Turkish families, as they mingle up in their beautiful gardens, displaying a glimpe of the upscale cultural life style in Istanbul.


You will go ashore at a truly impressing small village –KANLICA, on the Asia side, to taste the cafes’ celebrated home-made fresh yoghurt, by the fascinating view at the seaside whereyou will also enjoy the traditional Turkish coffee and have your cup read about your expected fortunes in the future, as a locally celebrated fun experience.


It will be and unforgettable experience to continue cruising to the Europe part to visit the private Lady Sadberk Museum, by the shores of Sariyer village, created by the late wife of the Koç Cultural Foundation at her traditionally structured beautiful wooden family mansion, with her fabolous life time’s collection of Turkish arts and crafts, including jewelry, silverware, Turkish IZNIK tiles of the 16th century and archaeological finds from all over Asia Minor relating to the Greco-Roman heritage of our country.


A delicious lunch will be served at a local seaside restaurant.


You will then return to the city center by a comfortable a/c ride, to visit the historical Pera District, by the Golden Horn at the heart of the city and experience the cosmopolitan energy of Istanbul that is always high, day and night.


View the charm of Istanbul at the terraces of Galata Tower and enjoy a happy hour drink or high-tea at the historical PERA PALACE HOTEL in the district before you are transferred back to your cruise ship.

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Best Season: 12 Months
Along: 1 Day