Trabzon, the modern name for ancient and medieval Trebizond. The port city lies on the precipitous southern shores of the Black Sea, not far from the Georgian border. Between 1204 and 1461 it was the capital city of a small but wealthy, Neo-Byzantine Empire, which later became a byword, in the Western Europe remote and exotic. The ancient palace of the Trapezuntine emperors still dominates the town.

Monasteryof Sumela, foundedin 386 AD, which clings perilously to a sheer cliff-face. It was here that theemperors of the Ancient Trebizond were crowned in a suitably lofty and imperialsetting. It is also the place to enjoy some of the most stunning views in theBlack Sea, standing as it does 1200 meters above the alpinemeadows of the Altindere Vadisi, “The Valley of the Golden River”.

Themagnificent church of Hagia Sophia, which is now artisans cherishedas a museum. It has been possible for the state artisans to uncover itsglorious, brilliantly colorful frescoes to enhance the church’s sculpturaldecoration that is today of the highest interest to visitors, combiningelements of The Georgian, Armenian, Byzantine and Seljuk styles, all havingcontributed to the rich cultural and historical mosaic of Turkey, continuing tocoexist in harmony and peace for hundreds of years.